Minutes—General Membership Meeting, August 11, 2018

The Mid-Coast Chapter quarterly meeting was held at the Fulton Mansion Education Center, Rockport, 10:00 am. There were 26 people in attendance.

Program: Speaker Tom Backof, Division of Sea Turtle Science and Recovery, Padre Island National Seashore. Program was 1.25 hours for Advanced Training.


President – Larry Heneke

  • Welcomed members and Guest
  • Updated Chapter VP from Rick Workman to Bill Burge
  • Updated Chapter Membership from Molly Huber to Rebecca Stapleton
  • Updated Chapter Treasurer from Anita Brunsting to Jynatha Kleypas
  • 2018 – 2019 Class Representative is Rob Snider

Vice President – Bill Burge

Bill has met with Rick Workman to continue planning meetings and will provided information through the calendar and website.

Secretary – Melanie Konarik

The minutes for the May 11 were presented. A motion to approve the minutes was made by Barbara Threatt and seconded by Bill Burge. Minutes will be posted on the website.

Treasurer – Jynatha Kleypas – Absent

The financial reports were presented by Larry Henneke. There was one question on the McAlister video expense. Pat Garland moved to accept the financial report and Linda Shirey seconded.

Membership Director  – Rebecca Stapleton – Absen

Hours Keeper – Kris Kirkwood

Larry Henneke read the report that Kris had posted on members activities and hours in July:

  • 87 members of the Chapter are currently active and eligible to report hours.
  • Two MCTMN members have transferred out of our Chapter since the last report due to job changes. Mollie Huber transferred to Central Texas (Bell County) and Anita Brunsting transferred to Capital Area in Austin.
  • 72 members have reported hours in 2018—80.8% of members eligible to report hours
  • 32 members had recertified and earned the ocelot pin as of June 5, 2018—35.9% of eligible members.

Initial Training Directors – Bob Cunningham reported that Bill Burge deserves most of the credit for putting together the first day of initial training.  He recognized Kris and Ray Kirkwood for their participation in the initial training and Mollie Huber for putting together the potluck.  He welcomed Robert and Sharon Snider from the Class of 2018 to the meeting.  The graduation date for the Class of 2018 will be June 2, 2018.  Bob recognized Pat Garland for her contribution to filling the class.

Advanced Training Director – Linda Shirey reported that the Rockport area have lost two sources of training (Bay Education Center and Aquarium at Rockport Harbor) but have picked up another source: Texas Maritime Museum.  Two upcoming opportunities for training are the Matagorda Bay Bird Fest (Feb 16–18 in Palacios) and the Whooping Crane Festival (Feb 22–Feb 25 in Port Aransas).  She reminded everyone to check the Mid-Coast Chapter website for all the approved training opportunities because not all programs in a series or event are approved for advanced training

Projects Director – Cathy Koenig – Absent 

No Report filed
The Victoria Junior Naturalist Summer Camp supported by Brigid Berger was very successful. They are looking for presenters for Victoria College’s Life Long Learning for future sessions

Plant Sale – Janet Price
This is a great volunteer activity to earn volunteer hours. There are already 200 pots of plants propagated by members which when sold will be profit for the club. The purchased plants are scheduled to be delivered. Bill Burge volunteered to pick up and return tables from AgriLife for the plant sale sales area. There was a sign-up sheet at the meeting, but members can also sign up on line. Janet needs help picking up plants from the Mike Heep’s Nursery in Harlingen, Texas. There will be a preorder form for plants set by email to members. It is best to pay for plants with a check.

Communications Director – Pat Garland

Pat thanks all members who have contributed articles to the newsletter. A new logo was selected by a committee and will be used on all new printed material. We will continue to use the old stationary to use up stock.

Butterfly Event on Oct 6th will have work days to prepare the local gardens – Castro, Ivy Lane and Connie Hagar. There will be some home native gardens also. Sponsors will be encouraged to be added on the back of the T shirt. A $25.00 donation by participants for a Butterfly T shirt and tours. AgriLife will host afternoon presentations on Butterfly life from 1 – 4.

Hummerbird Celebration – The Master Naturalists will sponsor an outreach booth to educate interested people in becoming Master Naturalists. On Friday there will be a touch table for kids and on Saturday live snakes for attendees to learn more about snakes. Members need to sign up for open spots during the Hummerbird celebration.

Advanced Training – Linda Shirey

A New Training opportunity is a free 8-5:30 Symposium on the Impact of Hurricane Harvey on Aug 23.

Initial Training – Bob Cunningham
The 2017 – 2018 class with 17 people was very successful and active. There are 15 people who graduated and 2 others who need to take a few makeup classes to graduate. Six are certified.

Bob Cunningham motioned we keep training class cost at $150.00 with a recommended size of 17 members and up to 20. Rob Snider seconded the motion. Motioned passed

Class Representative – Rob Snider

No report. Rob is excited to work with the new students.

Past-President – Janet Price

Janet is working on submitting a slate of officers to the Board at their October meeting. If you are interested in a position or if you would like to encourage a member to consider a Board position get the name to Janet for consideration.

Rick Workman has asked Janet to find someone to continue the ANWR bird survey. The next scheduled meeting is August 25 at 7:30 am.

Janet wanted to remind members of the upcoming Annual Conference in Georgetown. Field trips fill up fast. October 26 – 28.

Chapter Advisor – Trey Barron – Absent

No Report

Old Business

We need to vote on the P&P changes from Outreach Director to Communication Director since that position is already working. Other P&P changes will be brought to the members in November along with the Budget for 2019.

Ken Goodner made the motion to accept the P&P changes that changes Outreach Director to Communication Director. Linda Shirey seconded. Motion passed.

New Business

Bill Cunningham offered Milkweed seeds to plant for butterflies


Larry Henneke and Linda Shirey handed out awards:

2017 Recertification Pins (Kemp’s ridley): Claudia Dorn, Ken Goodner, and Judy Goodner. Not present: Rebecca Bootzin, Glenn Gomez, Patrick Hartigan, Diane Roseberry, Ron Smudy

2018 Recertification Pins (Ocelot): No pins awarded. Not present: Bob Friedrichs, Beth Hudson, Barbara Mathis, Robyn Savage, Marti Sterne.

Bronze 250-hr Dragonfly: Bill Burge. Not present: Rebecca Stapleton

Gold 1000-hr Dragonfly: KarenLee Rystad

Graduation Certificate and Name Badge: None awarded. Not present: Debra Dahms-Nelson, Greg Nelson, Adrian Rios, Gloria Rios

Enamel Dragonfly & Plaque: Neill Amsler. Not present: Jynatha Kleypas, Neli Spurrell, Debra Dahms-Nelson, Greg Nelson


Larry Henneke called for adjournment at 12:45 pm. The room seconded. Meeting adjourned.

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