Minutes—General Membership Meeting, May 13, 2017

The meeting was called to order by President Larry Henneke at 10:32 a.m. at Grover’s Bend Pavilion, Riverside Park, Victoria, TX. In attendance were Members: Robert Angerstein, Trey Barron, Allan Berger, Brigid Berger, Anita Brunsting, Larry Henneke, Mollie Huber, Brad James, Frances Kanak, Kris Kirkwood, Ray Kirkwood, Melanie Konarik, Barbara Mathis, Paul Meredith, Diane Pletcher, Janet Price, Linda Shirey, Barbara Threatt, and Rick Workman; Members-in-training: Mary Jane Dence.


Prior to the meeting, Dr. Mark “Merriwether” Vorderbruggen, author of Idiot’s Guide: Foraging, led a nature walk identifying native plants of value as food or medicine.  In the afternoon, Dr. Vorderbruggen lectured on “Wild Foods and Native Medicine” at the Museum of the Coastal Bend, Victoria College.

Business Meeting


President—Larry Henneke – welcomed members. 

Vice PresidentRick Workman – thanked Brigid Berger for making the arrangements for this meeting. The August 12 meeting will be held at the Bay Education Center in Rockport. The Advanced Training will be a presentation on the Science on a Sphere; the specific topic is to be determined. The volunteer activity at that meeting will be determined later.

Secretary—Linda Shirey – There were no changes to the minutes. Kris Kirkwood moved to accept the minutesas posted; Rick Workman seconded. The minutes were accepted as posted. 

Hours-KeeperKris Kirkwood – reported:
  • 72 members have reported hours in 2017 – 77.4% of the 93 active members who are eligible to report hours
  • 14 members (15%) have already recertified for 2017 and earned the Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle year pin
  • The Class of 2017 has already reported 630.75 initial-training hours, 478.6 service hours, and 142.75 AT hours. At least four of them will certify the same day they finish initial training.
  • See detailed information on the website at Mid-Coast in Action

Treasurer— Larry Henneke reported that Steve Reisinger is moving. Glenn Gomez will be the new treasurer.

Membership—Mollie Huber – Mollie welcomed new member Beth Hudson, who transferred to us from Amarillo. A signup for the potluck for the Class of 2017 graduation on June 3 has been emailed to the members or sign up here to bring your favorite dish. Mollie said that it is never too early to recruit for the 2018 class and to refer to her anyone you know who is interested in becoming a Master Naturalist.

Education & Training—

  • Initial Training—Glenn Gomez – Larry Henneke for Glenn Gomez – Glenn is excited about the new class. Four in the class have completed the requirements for certification and at least 2 more may do so by graduation. Graduation will be on June 3 at Coleto Creek Park. Anyone interested in being Initial Training chair for next year should contact Glenn.
  • Advanced Training—Ron Smudy – no report

ProjectsCathy Koenig – The partnership agreement with the Museum of the Coastal Bend (MCB) was approved by the Board of Directors. Brigid Berger is the contact person for that partnership. Brigid talked about the posters from “Flights of Fancy,” a MCB exhibit, and making them into an exhibit for members to take to schools and other events. Anyone interested in checking out the posters for an event should contact Brigid.

MCB wants to do a native plant landscape. If interested in working on the landscape contact Cathy or Brigid. Brigid talked about Academy of Life-Long Learning (ALL) at Victoria College. They have increased the number of classes, and the college wants us to continue making presentations next year. If interested in making a presentation (lecture, field trip, etc) for ALL, contact Brigid soon. Her deadline to present the topics to Victoria College is June 1.

Plant SaleJanet Price – Janet mentioned that the plant sale is both an outreach event and a fundraiser. The Hummer/Bird Celebration (HBC) will be Sep 15-17 this year. There will be lots of volunteer opportunities both before and during the HBC. Janet will circulate a signup sheet at the next meeting. Help will be needed with preparation, propagation, setup and takedown, etc. The staging area will be Linda Swiggett’s yard again this year. If anyone needs pots, Janet has some today. If you are propagating plants, let her know what plants and how many.

OutreachAnita Brunsting – There have been two events since the last meeting: Nature Fest at Coleto Creek, which was mostly a children’s event, and Earth Day, where she made lots on contacts. Dates for market days in Victoria are posted on the website if anyone is interested helping with that. The next event will be HBC in September. Anita is in charge of the oral history project for the 20th TMN anniversary in 2018. Kris Kirkwood and Ron Smudy will help her with the project. Some suggestions for people to be interviewed are TJ Fox, Kris Kirkwood, Ray Kirkwood, Ron Smudy. Anita will need people to conduct the interviews and to be interviewed.

Past-PresidentJanet Price – no report.

Chapter Advisor—Trey Barron – Dove-banding opportunity is approaching, but can’t set a date and expect the doves to show up. If there are lots of dove at a house or nearby, let Trey know and he will provide seed and traps. He might be able to give a week’s advanced notice of banding events. White-wing dove banding is Jun 1 to Aug 15; mourning dove Jul 1 to Aug 15. He explained the process of banding and data collection. If interested in helping, contact Trey.

Historian—Kris Kirkwood – Kris is providing files to Anita to help with oral history project.

WebmasterRay Kirkwood – The web is working. The Chapter has paid to own our domain name “” for another year.

Old Business

P&P Changes – Kris Kirkwood –

Financial Review—The Chapter was out of compliance with the bylaws about when the financial review is done. The BOD voted the following additions to the P&P to correct this (bold text): “A Financial Review Committee will conduct an annual examination of the financial records of the Chapter prior to the last Board meeting of the year in accordance with the Chapter bylaws. This review will be conducted in accordance with the procedures at Appendix D. Results of the financial review will be reported at the next general membership meeting.”

Budgets—As written, the Policies and Procedures manual did not provide authority for taking care of expenses before the first Board meeting of the year. The BOD voted the following addition (bold text) to the P&P to correct this: “The Chapter The Chapter will operate under an annual budget developed by the Board of Directors at the first Board meeting of the year and submitted to the Chapter for approval at the first general membership meeting of the year. This budget will remain in effect for 12 months from Chapter approval.”

Kris moved to accept to changes that the BOD has approved. Ray Kirkwood seconded. The changes were accepted.

New Business

Texas Master Naturalist 20th anniversary project – Anita Brunsting is in charge of this project and talked about it in her Outreach report. Members can make individual donations to the project. See the State website for more information.

Call for Proposals: Annual Meeting – See information on the State website. There will be lots of different opportunities for volunteering.


  • 2016 Recertification pin—Not present to receive pins: Karen Barton, Rebecca Bootzin, Claudia Dorn, Patrick Hartigan, Gay Hejtmancik, Dianne Nichols, Clara Noble, Patricia Rios, Patrick Rios, KarenLee Rystad, Ernie Schertz, Joe Wiatt, and Vera Wiatt.

  • 2017 Recertification pin—Kemp’s Ridley year pins were presented to: Allan Berger, Brigid Berger, Larry Henneke, Mollie Huber, Brad James, Kris Kirkwood, Catherine Koenig, Barbara Mathis, Diane Pletcher, Linda Shirey, Julianne Thompson (Threatt), and Barbara Threatt. Not present: Barbara Jones, Clark Williams.

  • Bronze 250-Hour pins—Presented: Catherine Koenig and Barbara Mathis. Not present: Clara Noble, Patricia Rios, Vera Wiatt, and Joe Wiatt.

  • Silver 500-Hour pin—not present: Patrick Rios

  • Gold 1000-Hour pins—Presented: Wilfred Korth and Linda Shirey. Not present: Gay Hejtmancik, Barbara Jones.

  • Gold/Ruby 4000-Hr Pin & President’s Volunteer Service Award—Brigid Berger and Brad James received their 4000-hour pins, new badges showing their hours, and the President’s Volunteer Service certificate, pin, and letter.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:29.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Shirey, Chapter Secretary
Mid-Coast Chapter, Texas Master Naturalist, Inc.

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