2019 Crab-Trap Removal

by Kris Kirkwood on March 13, 2019

By Brigid Berger, certified Texas Master Naturalist

Castro Spring-Cleaning

by Kris Kirkwood on February 21, 2019

By Neli Spurrell, Mid-Coast Texas Master Naturalist

Neli directs Castro Spring-Cleaning

Thanks go to 16 volunteers—local Master Naturalists and Master Gardeners and students from Texas State University’s Wildlife Society, Plant Biology Society, and Ornithological Society—for the hard work and dedication in spring-cleaning the native gardens at Linda S. Castro Nature Sanctuary in preparation for spring migration. This sanctuary is one of the premier birding spots among our Aransas Pathways sites—228 native plant species providing food and shelter for wildlife have been documented on the 4.5-acre property.

We thank the volunteers and the media for their support. Master Naturalists provided education and guidance on the work, Whataburger provided breakfast, and Rockport Donuts provided coffee. Russ and his best friend Bear helped us to clean and rebuild the owl house and get the trash to the transfer station.

If you would like to be a part of the Aransas Pathways volunteer family, workdays and project leaders are:

In the afternoon, a crowd watched the release of Riggs the Barn Owl, named in honor of Firefighter Riggs, who rescued the egg from a fire and was present for the release. Wings Rescue Center incubated the egg. After it hatched, the owl was rehabilitated at the Amos Rehabilitation Keep (ARK) in Port Aransas, and then returned to Aransas County for release. Kudos to everyone involved in the rescue.

What a fabulous day!

Salt Lake Rookery

by Kris Kirkwood on February 19, 2019

By Vickie Wilson, Mid-Coast Texas Master Naturalist

Installing Rookery Signs

Mid-Coast Texas Master Naturalists partnered with Keep Aransas County Beautiful (KACB) and Coastal Bend Bays and Estuaries Program (CBBEP) to clean up Salt Lake islands and rookeries and to install 2 platforms for heron nesting and 7 signs to inform the public how to protect the birds during nesting season. Special thanks go to KACB president D’Ann Williams and Exec Director, Rosemary Pizio-White. Both did a tremendous job making this event happen. Also special thanks to Lindsey Brown with CBBEP, who put the signs and platforms together, delivered them, and helped install. It was the coldest 2 days of the year and so many people showed up and worked so hard! Amazing partnership. Thank you to those who made it out. I think we will have happy birds!

It was the two coldest days of the year…

Installing nesting platforms for herons

Advanced Banding AT Apr 10

by Kris Kirkwood on January 14, 2019

Advanced Bird Banding/MAPS Course

Welder Wildlife Refuge April 10-13, 2019

The workshop will begin at 8:00 the morning of April 10th and end the afternoon of April 13th to make a total of 15 hours of training. The workshop is hosted by the Rob and Bessie Welder Wildlife Foundation and the Institute for Bird Populations of Point Reyes, California.

This 4-day workshop is being taught by a professional from the Institute for Bird Populations, Daniele Kaschube. There will be presentations and demonstrations, as well as hands-on activity.

You must have some experience with MAPS (Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship) banding, and with aging and sexing birds to register. Read the attached flyer, and if you believe your experience qualifies, contact Dr. Selma Glasscock using the information in the flyer. The $1250 cost is high, but it covers meals, 4 nights of lodging, and materials, as well as the trainer’s transportation and salary. The maximum number for the workshop is 9, so if you are interested, contact Welder as soon as possible. If you are not interested but know someone who might be, please forward this message.

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