New Calendar Items

by Kris Kirkwood on August 23, 2016

Hummer/Bird Celebration

September 16-18, 2016 Please sign up to help with one or more activities!  

  • MCTMN Plant Sale
  • MCTMN Outreach booth
  • Butterfly Tent
  • Welder Outreach booth

Welder Wildlife Refuge Volunteer Training

Interested in volunteering with Welder public tours, wildlife research, or education? Sign up for Welder Volunteer Training Day on September 27, 2016. Contact Volunteer Coordinator Michelle Batey for details.

ANWR Refuge Day

Aransas National Wildlife Refuge and FAMI are in the initial stage of planning for “Refuge Day,” which will be October 15, 2016. The new interpretive pollinator garden will be a big part of the celebration. Contact Linda Lanoue for more information or to volunteer to help with activities.

17th Annual State TMN Meeting

Registration is open for the meeting on Lake Conroe October 21-23 2016. Lots of interesting advanced training sessions. Information about the annual gathering weekend, annual awards and contests, the advanced training sessions agenda, and registration details can be found on the State website at Registration is NOW open! Direct link to registration

Texas Colonial Waterbird Society

The meeting will be held in Victoria on November 9, 2016 and will likely begin at 10 am. Please save the date. This year does not include a symposium but will include reports from the compilers regarding this year’s count and some additional discussions. Contact Brent Ortego for details as they develop.

Nueces Delta Preserve Opportunities

Looking for a place to volunteer on the south end of our Chapter area? See the NDP fall schedule. 

Calling all members!

by Kris Kirkwood on July 18, 2016

By Mollie Huber, Mid-Coast Chapter Membership Chair

We are currently recruiting new members to fill the Class of 2017.  If you know of anyone who is interested in joining us, now is the time to direct them to our online application:

The application fee is $150, and we must receive that to reserve their spot in the class.  Training will start in February, but our deadline to fill the class is October 1st.  We are on our way to filling the class, so encourage your friends to apply soon!

Encourage your friends to check out our website:

Rebecca Bootzin demonstrates how to hold a butterfly – a skill she learned at Barbara Dorf’s advanced training session on Monarch butterflies – to Mary Spencer. Photo by Norm Hirsch

MCTMN Want Ads

by Kris Kirkwood on May 24, 2016

New Volunteering Opportunities are opening up in the Mid-Coast Chapter!

Wanted: Writer for Naturalist Column

Paul and Mary Meredith have done a wonderful job of writing nature-related columns for the Victoria Advocate for several years, but they are retiring. If you are interested, contact them; they will be glad to help you get started. 

Search to find and enjoy some sample columns 

Wanted: Outreach Chair

Mission—Publicize the mission and activities of the Texas Master Naturalist program and the Mid-Coast Chapter. The Outreach Committee serves as interface between the Mid-Coast Chapter and the public.


  • Build and maintain a program that informs the public and the membership of the activities and benefits of the Mid-Coast Chapter
  • Support the Membership Committee’s recruiting efforts
  • Report the year’s status of outreach activities to the incoming Board of Directors at the first meeting of the year, including successes, failures, and suggested improvements

If you might be interested, contact Brigid Berger or Larry Henneke as past chairs who can answer your questions.

Wanted: Officer Candidates for 2017

If you would be interested in running for an MCTMN office, contact Past President and Nominating Committee Chair Larry Henneke.

Come See the Great Kiskadee Show!

by Kris Kirkwood on April 2, 2016


By Janet Price, Certified Texas Master Naturalist

A pair of Great Kiskadees is building a nest at the Matagorda County Birding Nature Center. They are putting on quite a show, feeding around the ponds in the Lower Wetlands area of the nature center, defending their nest site, and making their distinctive” kis-ka-dee” ruckus. Kiskadees are in the Tyrant Flycatcher family, but are omnivorous, and according to the Audubon Field Guide have a diet that includes large insects, lizards, tadpoles, small fish, baby birds, mice, seeds, and berries. I watched one swoop down and come back up with a frog, beat it into submission on a tree branch, and proceed to eat it. Of course, I did not have a camera to record that scene.

Some other rare visitors are showing up at the nature center; Green Kingfishers have been seen regularly in recent weeks. Go to the Matagorda County Birding Nature Center Facebook page to see some video of a Green Kingfisher that the park host posted on March 29.

And come and visit the nature center to see these birds for yourself!

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