New Archaeology Series Approved for Members!

by Scott Guilbeaux on September 19, 2018

Archaeology and Early Peoples of the Coastal Bend Lecture Series

The Friends of the History Center for Aransas County, 801 Cedar St., Rockport, TX is opening an exhibit on Early Peoples of the Coastal Bend.  There is an accompanying lecture series running from October through January.  The guided tours on Archaeology are approved, but the Fair and the Historic Home Tour are not.  Please refer to the attached list of events.  We are very excited to invite the public who follow our Chapter to these classes and to offer them to our membership.  Archaeology is a new subject offered in Initial Training for the Mid-Coast Chapter of Texas Master Naturalists and many of our members have been asking to add these classes as Advanced Training for members.  These topics will be covered in more depth than they can be in Initial Training, so our new members may find them of interest also.  Many thanks to Pam Stranahan and Bill Burge for initiating this.

List of Events

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