Sourcing Native Live Oak-Redbay Plants Post Harvey Restoration

by Scott Guilbeaux on November 14, 2018

Source, Collect, Propagate and Distribute Plants to the Live Oak/Red Bay Community for Restoration

The proposed project would source, collect, propagate, and distribute plants native to the Live Oak/Red Bay Community for the restoration of public or private lands. This community is an imperiled plant community that occupies the maritime forest habitat of our coastal landscape. Hurricane Harvey had a significant impact on this habitat. This project is time-critical in that many plants if this community are dropping seeds now. This will be a multi-year project.

The project is active, but not strenuous. It includes education about the decline of the Live Oak/Red Bay Community and methods for propagating native plants from locally available sources. Seedlings will be provided for restoration of this community and restoration projects. TPWD will provide guidance and education for the restoration phase of the project and Coastal Bend Bays and Estuaries Project will provide funding. Code: RM: other locations

For more information or to volunteer, contact Ray Kirkwood at

Please see this document for more information

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