Approved Advanced Training

These training opportunities have been approved in the past and new instances will be approved without completing an approval request. VMS AT Opportunities 

  • Advanced training at Chapter meetings—AT: with Chapter Meeting
  • ANWR equipment training, front-desk training, tour training—AT: Specific Project
  • Cold-stunned turtle training—AT: Specific Project
  • Goose Island/other locations Bird Identification WalksAT: Single presentation
  • Heron Flats/other locations Plant Identification Walks—AT: Single presentation
  • Invaders of Texas online or local workshop training—AT: Online Training or Specific Project
  • Mission-Aransas NERR projects training—AT: Specific Project
  • Native plant propagation—AT: Specific Project
  • Nueces Delta Preserve training—AT: Specific Project
  • Other Partner training: any training required to volunteer for a partner activity not specifically listed here—AT: Specific Project
  • Pond Management workshops—AT: Specific Project
  • Prairie Restoration workshops—AT: Specific Project
  • Rainwater Harvesting—AT: Specific Project
  • Saving Family Lands Seminars—AT: Single presentation
  • Bird Identification—sparrows, shorebirds—AT: Single presentation
  • TMN State Convention sessions—AT: with State Meet
  • Tree Safety and Planting—AT: Specific Project
  • Turtle patrol anywhere training—AT: Specific Project
  • Welder Wildflower Workshop—AT: Single presentation
  • WWF training—any training required to volunteer for a Welder project—AT: Specific Project

Lecture Series sessions that meet TMN criteria will be approved on an individual basis and listed on the Training Opportunities pageAT: Lecture Series

  • AgriLife Brown-bag or seminar
  • ARH lecture
  • BEC lecture
  • Coastal Bend Travel Fair lecture
  • Hummer/Bird Celebration seminar
  • UTMSI lecture
  • Port O’Connor lecture
  • TMN Tuesdays: Academy of Lifelong Learning
  • Whooper Festival, Port Aransas lecture

Presentations by Chapter MembersAT: Single presentation

  • Karen Benson—Birding the Coastal Bend
  • Sam Burnett—Drift Seeds/Sea Beans
  • Ernie Edmundson Schertz—Native Plants
  • Norm Hirsch—Alligators or Snakes
  • Kris Kirkwood—native plants or invasives
  • Ray Kirkwood—Grasses, whooping cranes, sea turtles
  • Earl Matthew—Infectious Disease Information for Naturalists
  • Ron Smudy—Trees
  • Phil Wildfang—Plastic Pollution in Marine Environments, Aquarium at Rockport Harbor

Note: If you know of other Chapter presenters who should be included in this list, please contact the Hourskeeper.


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