Urgent-2 Volunteers Needed for Waterbird Monitoring at ANWR

by Scott Guilbeaux on November 27, 2018

Two Volunteers Needed to Consistently Monitor Waterbird Activity at Whitmire- ANWR

IWMM protocol this winter starting ASAP and will continue indefinitely. The IWMM protocol is a national USFWS effort to monitor waterbirds and provide decision support for their habitat management. The purpose of implementing this protocol at Aransas National Wildlife Reserve (ANWR) is to monitor bird use and response to different habitat management treatments we are implementing in the moist soil units at Myrtle Foester Whitmire. Waterfowl is our number two biological priority at Aransas, so we plan to spend a significant amount of time over the next couple years getting things back on track at Whitmire. We would like to get 1-2 volunteers to conduct the survey at a minimum of once every other week at Whitmire. Ideally, they would come to the headquarters to pick up a truck the same day every other week and head over there to start the survey a little after sunrise. Spotting scopes and binoculars can be provided. Data will be entered on a tablet as the survey is completed, so there will be little to zero data entry requirements once the survey is completed. The survey will take approximately 5 +/- 2 hours to complete depending on the amount of waterbirds to be counted. Surveys will start as soon as we can get someone on and continue through ~March/April.

Volunteers should be able to do the following:

1) Identify waterbird species

2) Estimate large numbers of waterbirds using recommended techniques

3) Follow survey protocols

4) Familiarize with the American Ornithologists’ Union four-letter Alpha codes is helpful when conducting this waterbird survey.

To Volunteer, Contact Laura Bonneau at ANWR, email
(361) 286-3559;236

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