Calhoun County AgriLife Extension

Volunteer Opportunities

Keep an eye on this page for opportunities as they arise. For more information or to volunteer for any of these opportunities, contact Rhonda Cummins at  361-552-9747 or by email.

Write a Radio Script

KYAK 1610 AM, a low-power radio station in the Magnolia Beach and Indianola area plays a pre-recorded loop of scripts entitled, “Your Area’s Knowledge” about items of interest in the area. Once scripts are written, they are professionally recorded and put on the air and on the website. Check out “Mullet, Bay Anchovies, and Killifish,” a sample script written by Mid-Coast Master Naturalist Jackson Floyd. VMS Opportunity listing – PO: AgriLife

Do Fishing Surveys for AgriLife Project

“The Economic Impact of Recreational Fishing: Guided Parties and Tournaments – Calhoun County”  Dates and training to be scheduled. VMS Opportunity listing – FR: Aquatic Life

Help with the Outdoor Classroom at Little Chocolate Bayou Park

  • Facilitate school groups with simple outdoor science exploration, i.e. using binoculars, catching insects and looking at them, learn about plants, checking water quality, noticing nature, and other activities
  • Facilitate a workshop to teach the teachers outdoor science exploration in June 2015

VMS Opportunity listing – PO: AgriLife

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