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The mission of the Rob & Bessie Welder Wildlife Foundation is to conduct research and education in wildlife management and conservation. For more information, see the Welder Wildlife Foundation website. Texas Master Naturalists volunteer at Welder Wildlife Refuge by special invitation. If you would like to help with any of these projects, please email Conservation Educator Jamie Cooper or call 361-364-2643.

Welder Wildlife Foundation Document Projects

Historical papers—Dr. Clarence Cottam, the first Director of the Foundation, and Dr. James Teer, the third director, both donated their extensive personal papers to the Foundation. Many of these documents have historical value and are in need of preservation and digitization so that they can be used by Welder fellows and others as needed. VMS Opportunity listing – PO: WWF

Scrapbooks—Volunteers have almost completed digitizing 60 years of Welder scrapbooks. The next task is to treat newspaper clippings to retard the aging process and transfer them to new acid-free, archival-quality scrapbooks. VMS Opportunity listing – OT: Partner Organization

Welder Wildlife Foundation Plant Projects

Invasive Plants Removal—A team is attacking Cat-claw vine, Chinese tallow trees, and Chinaberry trees all over the Welder Wildlife Refuge using chain saws and chemicals. Phase II will be an attack to reduce Huisache. VMS Opportunity listing – RM: WWF

Guineagrass Control—Two areas at Welder Wildlife Foundation Headquarters are becoming overgrown with Guineagrass. Volunteers are needed to help get them under control and promote native biodiversity. VMS Opportunity listing – RM: WWF

Grass Demonstration Garden—A grass demonstration garden for education of school groups and the public about the grasses that grow at Welder has been built and planted. This project is watered using a rainwater harvesting system provided by Karen Ivey, San Patricio Municipal Water District. The rainwater system also serves as an educational demonstration. Volunteers are needed to weed beds periodically and monitor the rainwater system and hand-water if necessary. VMS Opportunity listing – PO: WWF

CONE Site Native Garden—A garden of native plants for birds and butterflies has been built and planted at the CONE site to attract more wildlife to the area as well as to serve educational purposes. Volunteers are needed to weed the beds periodically, primarily to keep grass in check, and help with adding Welder natives to the beds. The CONE garden and grass demonstration garden projects are supported by Aransas-San Patricio Master Gardeners, Mid-Coast Chapter TMN, and the Welder volunteers. Further information will be provided to those who express an interest in helping with the projects. VMS Opportunity listing – PO: WWF

A group is needed to maintain the gardens on a regular schedule.

Bird Feeders—New!

Can you go out to Welder once a week and fill bird feeders? Welder staff and Welder birds will appreciate you! Email Jamie Cooper, the Conservation Educator, or call her at 361-364-2643. VMS Opportunity listing – RM: WWF

Research Projects


  • Assist with mist-netting and bird-banding for the Monitoring Avian Productivity & Survivorship project
  • May be needed for other research projects as they are developed

VMS Opportunity listing – FR: WWF research

Education Projects


  • Assist Welder Staff with educational events for students at every level and for the general public
  • Maintain the Natural History Collections used for graduate research
  • Lead public tours

VMS Opportunity listing – PO: WWF or TR: WWF direct education

Watch this page for other WWF projects.

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