Thank you for your interest in becoming a Texas Master Naturalist with the Mid-Coast Chapter. Here are the steps to certification:

  1. Fill out the application.
  2. Submit a payment of $150. This covers the cost of all training materials, including materials such as nature books, a field journal, and binder with all class material, and partially offsets the costs of speakers and transportation to field sites. The remainder of the training costs will be paid by the Chapter.
  3. Complete 40 hours of training, although 50 hours of training are offered in case you miss a day. The training will include classes in the six Ecological regions of our Chapter area, Archaeology, Interpreting Nature, and Native Plants. It will be divided between class work and hands-on field work, often at nature preserves that are not open to the general public. It will include boat trips, nature walks, plant and bird identification, beach walks, and marine life study. Classes will be held approximately two Saturdays per month, February through May. Training begins with a complimentary potluck lunch provided by other Texas Master Naturalists in the Chapter for the new members, along with testimonials from certified members about the various volunteer opportunities. The classes conclude with another Chapter potluck lunch and an awards ceremony. To see what your training would be like, go to Initial Training.

No tests! We are here to help you succeed.

Continued Training and Volunteer Opportunities

Over the next year after training, you will continue learning with at least 8 hours of Advanced Training from a choice of informative and exciting classes held throughout the year. You will also complete 40 hours of volunteer service in the field of your choice. Here is a short list of many possible projects; however, you can create your own project with Chapter approval. 

  • Bird Surveys
  • Hummer Bird Celebration
  • Texas State Aquarium
  • Native Gardens
  • Interpretive Guide
  • Turtle Patrol
  • Clearing Trails
  • Whooping Crane Festival
  • Native Seed Collection
  •  iNaturalist Surveys
  • Nature Watch Projects
  • Bird Monitoring
  • Paddling Trails
  • Aransas Pathways Projects
  • Bird Banding
  • Youth Projects
  • Habitat Clean-Ups
  • Nature Photography
  • Crab Trap Removal
  • Invasive Plant Removal
  • Gill Net Surveys

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