Whooping Crane Pond Monitoring, starting December 1, 2019, Blackjack Peninsula

by Scott Guilbeaux on November 4, 2018

Whooping Crane Monitoring at Blackjack Peninsula by Game Cameras

Aransas National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) & International Crane Foundation (ICF) will place game cameras on 9 ponds on Blackjack Peninsula. The cameras will be set to take 1 image per minute from 0900 to 1300 hours every day from early January through March 2019. MCTMN volunteers will service the cameras weekly & search the images to detect Whooping crane (WHCR) & other wildlife use of the ponds. The results will be used to determine the need for fresh water ponds adjacent to the salt marsh habitat of WHCR. ANWR will provide access to the peninsula & analyze the data developed. ICF will provide cameras/ SD cards & other support if required.

Skills required are the ability to identify and interpret WHCR use of ponds from digital photos. Equipment required is a PC with good image-processing capability and MS Excel. May require a special use permit from ANWR. This project requires low physical effort.

The project results will assist in the management of WHCR habitat by USFWS personnel. If interested, contact Ray Kirkwood.

Code FR: Bird populations and include ICF in the description of your activity.

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