Chapter Secretary is Scuba Santa

By Linda Shirey, certified Texas Master Naturalist

Scuba Santa

Linda Shirey, Mid-Coast Chapter secretary, does some of her volunteer service at Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi. Each week, she cleans the windows and artificial coral in the 40,000-gallon Flower Gardens Exhibit, which replicates a coral reef about 200 miles off the coast of Texas. She also does a feeding show in which she hand-feeds various fish that are found in the Flower Gardens. Beginning about two weeks before Christmas, she does the feeding shows in a Santa Claus costume. The children love to see Scuba Santa, and parents like taking pictures of their children with Scuba Santa. The costume presents some problems underwater. The hat tries to float away, and the beard floats in front of her face and obstructs her view. But she has fun seeing the children excited about Santa Claus underwater.

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