HummerBird Seminars 2022

Sep 15-18, 2022—Rockport-Fulton High School Auditorium, 1801 Omohundro St, Rockport, TX and other venues

Costs, Schedule, and Registration   

The following sessions are approved for AT:

  • All guided boat and bus tours, field trips, nature walks, bird photography classes, banding demonstrations, Sky Kings Falconry presentations, and birding panel discussions. Most of these have additional costs.
  • Birding in Texas State Parks: Your Other Backyard – Ben Horstmann
  • Special Presentations by Local Birders
  • The Beauty Around Us – Celebration of Nature – Cissy Beasley
  • Life Migration Story of the Monarchs – Nelli Spurrell
  • Whooping Cranes – Joan Garland
  • A Peek Into the Most Successful Kids’ Birdwatching Program in Texas – Martha McLeod
  • Hummingbirds 101: The Basics – Brent Ortego
  • The Joy of Hummingbird Photography – D. Cochran
  • Shorebird Conservation Across Continents & Flyways – Samantha Wolfe
  • Bird’s Big Year – Tiffany Karsten
  • The Unique and Wonderful Whooping Crane – R. Marks
  • Attracting Hummers to Your Garden – Ginger Easton-Smith
  • There & Back – Richard Crossley
  • Past, Present & Future – Richard Crossley
  • The Tiniest of Texas – Glenn Olsen
  • Learning to Look – Richard Crossley

Report seminars individually as AT: Lecture Series Presentation

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