HummerBird Seminars

HummerBird Celebration 2021 Virtual Seminars

The following sessions are approved for AT:

  • All boat, bus, and guided tours, banding demonstrations, birding panel discussions, photography classes. (Most of these have an additional fee. Fees range from $12 to $100.)
  • A Pictorial Celebration of Indigenous and Migratory South Texas Birds – Cissy Beasley (fee: $35 for keynote dinner; otherwise, included in all-speaker pass)
  • Warblers: Jewels of North American Birds – Glenn Olsen
  • Connecting iNaturalist to the Flora and Fauna of Texas – Tania Homayoun
  • Whooping Cranes – Joan Garland
  • The Secrets to Kids and Birding – Martha McLeod
  • Attracting Hummers to Your Garden – Ginger Easton Smith
  • Bird ID Challenges of the Coast – David Sarkozi
  • Wildlife Revealed – Sky Kings Falconry
  • Life Migration Story of the Monarchs – Neli Spurrell
  • Living, Laughing, Loving with Hummingbirds – Sid Rucker
  • Hummingbirds 101 – The Basics – Brent Ortego
  • Birding by Ear – Dawn Hewit
  • A Bird in Hand – Sky Kings Raptors
  • Birding Tour of Texas State Parks in South Texas – Ben Horstmann (Fee $25)
  • A Father and Son Big Year of Birding – Sneed Collard III
  • Hummer Breakfast – Life of Connie Hagar (Fee $30)

Report each session you attend as AT: Lecture Series and state the name of the session in the description.

Schedule & Registration Form   More information about HBC

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