Meeting Minutes

General Membership Meeting Minutes

The Mid-Coast Chapter General Membership met on Saturday, February 9, 2018 at 10 am at Goose Island State Park, 202 S Palmetto St., Rockport, Texas. The park asked that all attendees stop at the entrance gate and identify themselves as attending the Master Naturalist program. The temperature was 38 degrees, so Initial training was cancelled at Aransas National Wildlife Refuge and several members of the Class of 2019 attended. 27 Members in attendance were: Neill Amsler, Bob Cunningham, Janet Cunningham, Rachael Diaz, Dennis Durkee, Judy Goodner, Ken Goodner, Debbie Griffith, Julie Hejducek, Michael Hejducek, Lawrence Henneke, Beth Hudson, Charla Ingalls, Ray Kirkwood, Kris Kirkwood, Melanie Konarik, Dora Ortego, Regina Payton, Janet Price, Carla Rinche, KarenLee Rystad, Sally Scroggs, Linda Shirey, Greg Simmons, Elizabeth Smead, Nathalie Woolfrey, Fred Woolfrey.

Program: Kay Adams, Wings Rescue Center

Kay Adams is the founder and President of Wings Rescue Center (WRC). The mission of the WRC is to 1) provide a volunteer team to rescue and facilitate rehabilitation for injured birds; 2) Provide a temporary nursery for abandoned and orphaned juvenile birds; and 3) provide expertise and training in the community to promote conservation, public awareness, understanding, and compassion for avian welfare. Kay’s presentation illustrated some of what the WRC staff has learned regarding the causes for some of the bird injuries that have resulted in the need for rescue and rehabilitation, and what can be done to reduce these occurrences.All work is done by volunteers. The cages are built by active older women. Money is donated. All the bird rescue facility in the area stopped taking babies even though we lost so many birds. Wings take all eggs and babies. Hummer nests are very small and sometimes their nests are trimmed off by accident and have been rescued by Wings. Poison kills birds from rats, fly paper, fishing lines etc. high winds blow babies out of nests, broken legs and wings need help. Birds become dog and cat toys. AEP has helped get birds off high-power lines and poles. Don’t feed hard head catfish to pelicans. Get onto Wings Face book to learn about releases, training, volunteer needs. Sarah Nordlof, Goose Island Park Interpreter and Volunteer Coordinator, announced Goose Island kayak training Sunday March 24. Kayaking will be offered once a week. Goose Island needs volunteers to help with kids.

Business Meeting

The business meeting was called to order at 11:20 am


President Claire Barnhart – absent

Vice President Bill Burge – The May member meeting will be at Welder.

Secretary Melanie Konarik – Minutes from general membership meeting November 10, 2018 were posted on the website. Janet Price moved we approve the minutes and Dora Ortego seconded. Motion passed.

Treasurer Jynatha Kleypas – Absent. 2019 Budget was presented by Bill: total projected expenses are $10,244.00 and projected net income is $441.00.

Membership Director Rebecca Stapleton – reported in absentia: After much communication by phone and by emails with the class of 2019 and much juggling of applications, Bob Cunningham and I finally got the complete class of 2019 nailed down. Due to the nature of this year’s class, we made a prudent, executive decision to add as a buffer an extra trainee, whose wife is in the class, bringing the number to 18. Husband and wife applicants was briefly discussed in a previous board meeting. Jynatha Kleypas was contacted on who needed refunds of their class fee and whose fee she needed to keep for 2020. We have five applicants in waiting for the future class of 2020. We sent out reminders to 2018 class members who need to complete initial certification and dues-payment reminders. I am resigning as Membership Director as soon as the board is able to find someone to step in. I will gladly help whoever takes this position. I have organized a notebook for the new Membership Director, which should help considerably. Respectfully submitted, Rebecca Stapleton Membership Director, Mid-Coast Chapter TMN.

Hours Report

100 members of the Chapter are currently TMN-Active or TMN-in-Training and eligible to report hours, including the 18 members of the Class of 2019.

31 of TMN-Active members reported 492.5 service hours and 55 training hours in January – 37.8% of members eligible to report hours. Members-in-training did not become eligible to report hours until Feb 2, their first day of class.

No members have yet recertified and earned the 2019 Golden-cheeked warbler pin

14 members of the Class of 2018 completed the initial training sessions. 8 of those have completed initial certification, and one member lacks only 1 service hour to certify. Members of the 2018 class have until June 1, 2019 to complete their certification.

Advanced Training Director Linda Shirey – Linda and Kris have worked on the website to organize the advance training with correct categories.

Initial Training Director Bob Cunningham – Bob gave a brief update on training class activities. There are 18 trainees in the new class. Efforts to recruit new trainees from all the Mid-Coast area only resulted in 3 trainees from inland areas – Victoria and Goliad. We did not recruit any people from Matagorda, Calhoun and Jackson. The training meeting at ANWR on Feb 9 was canceled because of the cold. Bob has moved the Barrier Island session from Port O’Conner- Matagorda Island (POC) to Mustang Island SP/PINS. He moved Bay Ecology from Rockport to POC and reserved the Archimedes.

Projects Director Ray Kirkwood – Gave report on Projects and stressed we watch the website to see activities.

A new Partnership with Keep Aransas County Beautiful (KACB) has been approved.

Lamar Beach Road Project – A group of MCTMN members has volunteered to “Adopt” the Lamar Beach Road for the purpose of trash pickup and general beautification. The Adopt-a-Highway program is managed and coordinated by KACB.

Sourcing Native Live-Oak/Red-Bay Plants for Post-Harvey Restoration—The project will source, propagate, and distribute plants native to the Live-Oak/Red-Bay Community for the restoration of public or private lands. This community is an imperiled plant community that occupies the maritime forest habitat of our coastal landscape. Hurricane Harvey had a significant impact on this habitat. This will be a multi-year project. To volunteer, contact Ray Kirkwood.

Salt Lake Rookery Restoration – The project is underway and people are working on it this weekend. To assist, contact Vickie Wilson.

Plant sale – Janet Price mentioned that we need to find a new place to stage the plants for the native plant sale at HummerBird Sep 20-22.  We are looking for a place in Rockport that is large enough to store all the plants (approximately 1000) for several days. We need a place that is secure, shaded, where water for the plants is available, and close to the high school so plants will not suffer during transfer from the staging area to the sale site.

Communications Director Pat Garland – Pat has resigned:

Publicity – article in Victoria press, horned toad environment saved
Newsletter – December-January
Outreach – no report
Historian (Archivist) – no report
Webmaster – no problems with the site

Past-President Larry Henneke – absent

Class Representative Rob Snider – absent

Chapter Advisor Trey Barron – absent

Old Business


New Business



  • 2018 Recertification pins presented: Judy Goodner, Ken Goodner, Ron Smudy, Rob Snider, and Sharon Snider. Neill Asmler took Robyn Savage’s pin to present. Not present to receive recertification pins – 2017: Glenn Gomez, Diane Roseberry; 2018: Claire Barnhart, Rebecca Bootzin, Claudia Dorn, Glenn Gomez, KarenLee Rystad, Ernie Schertz, Marti Sterne, Linda Swiggett
  • Neill Amsler will deliver Robyn Savage’s bronze 250-hour dragonfly pin
  • Dora Ann Ortego received the silver 500-hr dragonfly pin
  • Ron Smudy received the gold/ruby 4000-hr dragonfly & President’s award
  • Donna Bailey will deliver Brigid Berger’s gold/diamond 5000-hr dragonfly award
  • Debbi Roskey will deliver Marilyn Stewart’s intitial certification pin and plaque


The meeting was adjourned at 11:55 am.

Respectfully Submitted,
Melanie Konarik, Secretary