Monarch Larva Monitoring Training

Monarch Joint Venture 2-hour, on-line training video recorded June 20, 2020. Learn how to get involved with monarch butterfly research and conservation. Participants will learn about monarch biology, practice monitoring and data entry protocols, and become prepared to monitor in their communities. Report as AT: Specific Project and specify Milkweeds &  Monarchs Project in the description.

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Milkweeds & Monarchs Project

The goal of the project is to create Monarch butterfly habitat in the 8-county Mid-Coast chapter region in response to increasing concerns about the Monarch butterfly. This project will be carried out under the auspices of the national Monarch Watch “Monarch Waystation” program. Expected benefits of this project are increased Monarch butterfly populations, more public awareness of Monarchs and native habitat, and opportunities for scientific research monitoring Monarch larval and adult populations. For more information, check your roster and contact Patrick Hartigan, the project leader. Report work on the project as RM: Other Locations.