Introduction to Monarch Conservation Workshop

This workshop is a two-day, train-the-trainer course centering on the biology and ecology of monarch butterflies, including their physiology, life cycle, annual cycle and migration, natural threats (predators, weather), and human activities that impact their survival. The workshop also includes an overview of pollinators and pollinator conservation. You will also learn what the locally adapted native host plants (milkweeds) and nectar plants are in your area that also benefit many other wildlife species, including other pollinators and birds. This two-day workshop will be held online on May 24th, from 8:30am-2:00pm, and on May 26th, same times, with breaks and time for Q & A. Cost is $50. Registration page indicates the first day of the workshop (May 24th); however, once you fill out the registration form, you are registered to attend both days of the workshop, May 24 & 26. You will receive an e-ticket via the email you use to register for the workshop.
Register here.