MCTMN Plant Sale

MCTMN operates a native-and-adapted plant sale at the Rockport-Fulton HummerBird Celebration each year in September.

  • Plant Sale Project Leader: Debbie Minns
  • Propagation Coordinator:
  • Pre-Order Coordinator:
  • Education Coordinator:
  • Volunteer Coordinator:

Volunteers are needed:
Before the sale:

  • Collect boxes to put plants in for buyers (CB: Chapter Business/fundraising)
  • Help in printing/making plant signs or labels (PO: MCTMN Plant Sale)
  • Prepare Plant Information Sheet and other handouts (PO: MCTMN Plant Sale)
  • Make trip to Heep’s Nursery in Harlingen for plant pick-up (CB: Chapter Business/fundraising)
  • Help receive delivery of vendor and member-propagated plants to staging area (CB: Chapter Business/fundraising)
  • Care for plants in the staging area: water, label, prune broken branches, other tasks (CB: Chapter Business/fundraising)
  • Transport plants from staging area to high school (CB: Chapter Business/fundraising)

At the sale:

  • Act as cashier for credit or cash/checks payment for plants (CB: Chapter Business/fundraising)
  • Arrange plants/handouts/signs; keep areas stocked attractively (PO: MCTMN Plant Sale)
  • Hand out Plant Information Sheet (PO: MCTMN Plant Sale)
  • Manage the holding area and help customers with pickup (PO: MCTMN Plant Sale)
  • Talk with customers at the sale; answer questions about plants (PO: MCTMN Plant Sale)
  • Move plants in & out of building beginning and end of each sale day (CB: Chapter Business/fundraising)
  • Other tasks not listed: If members of the public are involved, PO. If not, CB.

After the sale:

  • Takedown; move plants to a holding area (CB: Chapter Business/fundraising)
  • Donate remainder plants to nonprofits for use in interpretive gardens  (PO: MCTMN Plant Sale)

To volunteer for a task, contact the Plant Sale Project Leader now, or Watch this space for the Sign-Up Sheet coming soon!

Want more information about what’s involved in volunteering to help with the sale? See Plant Sale Resources