Purple Martin Day

Purple Martin (PUMA) Day
Llano River Field Station in Junction, TX
Monday, July 11, 2022
Begin 8:00 am, estimated time: 6 hours
PUMA-Day-only cost: $15 includes educational seminars, hands-on banding experience, and lunch
Report as AT: Single Presentation

Various educational activities including bird-banding, research updates, conservation of purple martin efforts and identification presentations for Swifts and Swallows. Each participant will have the opportunity to apply what they learned and paint their very own purple martin canvas to take home with them.

PUMA Day Extension
Extend your PUMA day experience into the evening of July 11th and morning on the 12th as we host our traditional Birds, Bats and Owls dinner with unique mist-netting experience with Krista Demere, TPWD Wildlife Diversity Biologist. The next morning, we will bird and participate in community science efforts at the Heart of the Hills Fishery and Llano River Field Station with guide Romey Swanson.
PUMA Day + Extension cost – $50 includes PUMA Day plus dinner, owling, bat mist netting, morning birding + community science and lunch.

More information and registration: https://wildlife.tamu.edu/birding/puma/