Texas/Oklahoma Pollinator Project

To participate:

Select five different kinds of flowering plants from your garden (or any Texas garden site to which you have access). Visually scan each plant (or multiple adjacent plants of the same kind) for 60 seconds and record insect visitors. To be manageable, each plant or planting you observe should cover no more than a 2X2 foot square area. The plants you select may include trees, shrubs, annual or perennial flowers. You are welcome to observe more often than once a week, and more (but not fewer) than five kinds of plant. Simply choose the level of effort with which you are comfortable. The project will continue throughout the summer into September. See the email you received about this opportunity for more information. Sign up to participate.

Record your data:
(1) use the paper data sheet provided and later enter your data at our website.
(2) use your cell phone to enter data immediately as you observe. You can access our mobile phone-friendly datasheet by typing into your phone browser the URL (in option 1).

Report as FR: Insect Life and specify TOPP and location.