#TMN Tuesday AT

On the Second Tuesday of each month at the noon hour (12pm Central Time), the TMN State Office will offer an hour-long virtual advanced training event. Report each session as AT: TMN Tuesday and put the session title in the description.

Go to the State #TMN Tuesdays page for details and registration for individual sessions:

  • January 11State of the TMN Program 2022
  • February 8Seed Collections for Conservation
  • March 8Historical Women Naturalists: Remembering Forgotten Pioneers
  • April 12Health and Nature
  • May 10Crossing the Finish Line: Recovering America’s Wildlife Act
  • June 14A Master Naturalist in Space!
  • July 12Authentic Leadership in Public Service
  • August 9Connecting All Texans to Conservation Through Meaningful, Engaging Interpretation
  • September 13Summer 2022: What Happened and Why
  • October 11Chapter Project Fair: Annual Showcase of Chapter Projects across the State
  • November 8
  • December 13

Note: Recordings are posted after each session, and may be reported as AT during the year in which they were originally presented. Report as the day you watched the video, rather than the original date the training was presented.