Endangered Sea Turtle Rescue & Recovery

Nesting Turtle Patrol!

Every April through mid-July, volunteers are needed to help save the critically endangered Kemp’s ridley sea turtle by finding nests on the beaches of Padre Island National Seashore. Eggs from nests are collected from the beach to protect them and provide the best hatching environment. This maximizes the number of successful hatchlings to return to the wild. More information

Cold-Stunned Turtle Rescue!

Every winter, when water temperatures drop below 50°F, cold weather causes endangered sea turtles to become hypothermic (cold-stunned). Cold-stunning immobilizes sea turtles and causes them to float up to the surface of the water where they are pushed ashore by the winds. This makes them vulnerable to boat strikes, predation, and drowning. For this reason, it is important to search for, rescue, rehabilitate, and release these cold-stunned sea turtles. More information

To assist with either of these projects—Email the Padre Island National Seashore Volunteer Coordinator or call (361) 949-8174, ext 268 for more information on when and how to get training so you can begin!

Even if you are not in the project, you can help. To report cold-stunned turtles, call or text 361-949-8173 ext. 266. After-hour Reports: 361-876-8462.

Report all turtle training as AT: Specific Project
Report volunteer service as RM: PAIS Sea Turtles

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