2018 Slate of Officers

by Kris Kirkwood on October 24, 2017

The nominating committee has released the slate of officer candidates for the coming year:

  • President: Larry Henneke
  • Vice-President: Rick Workman
  • Secretary: Melanie Konarik
  • Treasurer: Glenn Gomez

Election will be held at our November 4 general membership meeting at Welder Wildlife Foundation, along with advanced training, a volunteer service opportunity, and THE POTLUCK. This is our official annual meeting–hope to see you there! Festivities begin at 10:00 am.

Sign up to bring your favorite dish for the Potluck – If you have trouble with the link, email Mollie Huber at and she will get you signed up.

Directions to WelderFrom the intersection of Texas highways 188, 181, and 89 east of Sinton, turn onto TX 89 and travel 2.0 miles to US 77. Turn right to enter the ramp onto US Hwy 77 north. Go 6.1 miles on 77 to the white Spanish-style gatehouse entrance to Welder. From Refugio, go south on US 77 17.1 miles from the intersection of 77 and Alt 77/183.

Tarantula Hunter

by Kris Kirkwood on August 6, 2017

By Paul Meredith, certified Texas Master Naturalist

This “spider wasp” is Tachypompilus ferrugineus nigrescens.  It is obviously a spider hunter, but not a member of the Genus Pepsini, which contains the two commonly named Tarantula Hunter  species.  She does not seem to be concerned about that. 

We observed her drag the paralyzed Tarantula more than 50 feet down a gravel road and across deep leaf litter to stuff it under the edge of one of the cabin walls where we are doing our family get together on the Guadalupe this week: Latitude: 30: 04: 2.076 Longitude: -99: 17: 43.866 near Hunt, TX.

Wanted: MCTMN Scrapbooker

by Kris Kirkwood on July 26, 2017

Are you interested in Mid-Coast Chapter history? Do you like to cut and paste? The job of maintaining our Chapter scrapbook is open. If you are interested, contact the Chapter Historian.

Linda Lanoue totes Whooping Crane Decoys

TJ Fox on Rat Patrol: “Back to the woods, good buddy!”

Diana Rushing's MCTMN badge gets her into helping with a rehabbed turtle release.

Diana Rushing’s MCTMN badge gets her into helping with a rehabbed turtle release.

Know your 2017 Newbies Phase 2

by Kris Kirkwood on June 4, 2017

All 16 members of the class of 2017 completed their initial training Saturday June 3 at Coleto Creek Park with a plant walk and presentation on the importance of native plants in all the habitats of our eight-county area. The class included Donna Bailey, who certified in another Chapter but wanted our training when she transferred to MCTMN. 

Left to right: Scott Guilbeaux, Bob Cunningham, Phil Stapleton, Ron Mildenstein, Rebecca Stapleton, Bill Burge (Class Rep), Marti Sterne, Neill Amsler, Glenda Walker, Robyn Savage, Lisa DeVries, and Neli Spurrell. Not present for the photo: Donna Bailey, Mary Jane Dence, Jynatha Kleypas, and Dora Ann Ortego. 

This is an outstanding class—Eight of the members-in-training also certified as Texas Master Naturalists: Bob Cunningham, Dora Ann Ortego, Ron Mildenstein, Robyn Savage, Phil and Rebecca Stapleton, Marti Sterne, and Glenda Walker.

Following the training, old and new members celebrated with one of the famous MCTMN Potlucks.


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