AT:Online Training

Online Advanced Training

This page will contain active and archived webinars and other online training. State recommends limiting online training that does not include interaction.

Bugs 101: Insect-Human Interactions
Bugs 101 topics include insect movement, roles in ecosystems, disease transmission, and how climate change is affecting bug populations.
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Archived Webinars
Colonial Waterbird ID – Online video details the differences between adult, juvenile and adult breeding coastal waterbirds. Colonial Waterbird video. eBird Essentials – Free
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State Training Opportunities
The Texas Master Naturalist Listserv is a communications medium hosted by Texas A&M at no charge to provide quick distribution
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eBird Essentials Online AT
eBird Essentials Free On-line Training Free 3-hour online training by Cornell Labs. Discover how eBird can support your passion for
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