AT:Online Training

Online Advanced Training

This page will contain active and archived webinars and other online training. State recommends limiting online training that does not include interaction. Report interactive online/virtual training as stated in each posting rather than using AT: Online.

GLO, Clean Coast on nonpoint source pollution implications for the coast
March 30 - Plant ID for Everyone
Beginning birding by Kristine Rivers of Birding for Fun
Monarch Conservation Workshop May 24 & 26, 2022
TMN-State-provided 1-hour virtual advanced training on various topics
Texas Water Specialists provide beneficial management of aquatic habitats.
Bugs 101 topics include insect movement, roles in ecosystems, disease transmission, and how climate change is affecting bug populations.
Nurdle–plastic pellet that is raw material for manufacturing plastic. Take training, patrol beaches, & submit data online.
Free 3-hour online training by Cornell Labs.