Gulf-Beach-Nesting Bird Conservation

Gulf Coast Bird Observatory (GCBO) and American Bird Conservancy are always seeking volunteers to help with monitoring and stewardship efforts. This project will allow us to protect beach- and island-nesting sites with the long-term conservation outcome of maintaining or increasing nesting success and long-term survival. Report as FR: Bird Populations and specify location.

A large part of this project is outreach to educate beach-users about beach-nesting birds. Volunteer Bird Stewards will monitor birds and help with outreach on busy weekends and holidays. The stewards will help ensure people don’t wander into posted areas and will tell beach-goers about the birds, allowing them to see the birds and their young up close from a safe distance through a spotting scope and binoculars. Report as PO: Other Events/Partners

If you are want to help, please contact Amanda Anderson or Susan Heath.

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