Approved Advanced Training

Approved Advanced Training

These AT opportunities were approved and occurred in the past. New instances will be approved without completing an advanced training approval request. Bold, colored text indicates how to report each opportunity. If you have questions or know of opportunities that should be listed, contact the Hourskeeper.

  • Advanced training at Chapter meetings – AT: with Chapter Meeting
  • ANWR equipment training, front-desk training, tour training – AT: Specific-Project
  • Endangered sea turtle training (rescue, rehab, or patrols) – AT: Specific-Project
  • Bird Identification – AT: Single presentation or AT: Lecture Series presentation
  • Bird Identification Walks  by Partner at any location – AT: Single presentation
  • Plant Identification Walks by Partner at any location – AT: Single presentation
  • Interpretation: how to lead tours; present environmental training – AT: Single presentation
  • Invaders of Texas virtual or workshop training – AT: Single Presentation
  • Mission-Aransas NERR projects training – AT: Specific-Project
  • Native plant ID or use – AT: Single presentation or AT: Lecture Series presentation
  • Native plant propagation – AT: Specific-Project
  • Nueces Delta Preserve training – AT: Specific-Project
  • Partner activity training: any training required to volunteer for a partner not specifically listed – AT: Specific-Project
  • Pond Management workshops – AT: Specific-Project
  • Prairie Restoration workshops – AT: Specific-Project
  • Rainwater Harvesting – AT: Specific-Project
  • Rehab training by approved Partner – AT: Specific-Project
  • Saving Family Lands/Conservation Easements – AT: Single presentation
  • TMN State Convention sessions – AT: with State Meet
  • Tree Safety and Planting – AT: Specific-Project
  • Welder Wildflower Workshop – AT: Single presentation
  • WWF training – any training required to volunteer for a Welder project – AT: Specific-Project

Individual Lecture Series sessions that meet TMN criteria will be approved each year and listed on the Lecture Series page

Presentations by Chapter Members listed on the Trusted Resources page are approved – AT: Single presentation

Note: If you know of other Chapter presenters who should be included in this list, please contact the Hourskeeper.