HummerBird Celebration Reporting

HummerBird Celebration Reporting

This page shows whether various HBC activities are approved for reporting and the category used to report.

MCTMN Plant Sale: PO: MCTMN Plant Sale or CB: Chapter Business/Funding (task-dependent) See Plant Sale Resources for more information.

MCTMN Outreach Booth: CB: Chapter Business/Recruiting

Partner Booths:

  • Aransas National Wildlife Refuge/FAMI: PO: ANWR
  • San Antonio Bay Partnership: PO: Other Events/Partners
  • Welder Wildlife Foundation: PO: WWF
  • NPSOT Butterfly Tent: PO: Other Events/Partners

Other possible Partners, if they have booths:

  • PO: Aransas Pathways
  • PO: ARH
  • PO: Coleto Creek
  • PO: Mission-Aransas NERR
  • PO: MBNP

HummerBird/Chamber of Commerce

  • Chamber Booth & Ticket Sales: not approved
  • Chamber Interactions: not approved
  • HB Planning Meetings: (dependent on meeting focus):
    • Education/seminar/tour/speaker planning: PO: H/BC
    • Vendor-only planning: not approved
    • Other meeting topics – check with Hourskeeper
  • HB Signage – PO: H/BC
  • Hummer Home Bus tours: PO: H/BC
  • Speaker Interactions/Speaker Hosting: PO: H/BC
  • Vendor Interactions: not approved
  • Vendor Setup – OT: Partner Organization (HB mission, but not TMN mission)

Presenting/Speaking at HummerBird: TR: Other Organizations