Nueces Delta Preserve Education Team

Our Coastal Bend Bays and Estuaries volunteers help with our mission of providing engaging outdoor education and outreach experiences in coastal wetland and upland habitats. We aim to create impactful outdoor experiences for children, teachers, and the community by fostering a deep connection with nature. Throughout the year, our team requires assistance with field trips, discovery picnics, and outreach events. Assist educators with K-12 Field Trips, Delta Discovery Picnic Days, Home School Days, or the Plant Nursery. Please complete the NDP volunteer form.

Field Trips

  • TEKS-aligned for any K-12th grade school in CBBEP’s 12-county program area.
  • Typically take place Tuesday-Friday from either 9 am-12 pm (K-2nd grade) or 9 am-2 pm (3rd grade and up).
  • Volunteers will have a chance to shadow field trips until they feel comfortable teaching on their own.

Delta Discovery Picnics

This program is open to the public once a month and allows the community to visit and explore the property. Tasks may include:

  • Interact with the public and answer questions
  • Lead an informal program (example: nature walk)
  • Help with sign-in and/or parking

Outreach Events

Throughout the year, we partake in a range of community events that may include:

  • Engagements at schools—focused on STEM subjects—scheduled during school hours or evenings
  • Public events on weekends scheduled by other organizations where we set up a table with information and interactive activities

Report as PO: Other Events/Partners with CBBEP NDP as part of Service Performed

Need more information? Contact: Volunteer Outreach Coordinator, Lauren Piorkowski.

Mid-Coast Chapter, Texas Master Naturalist, Inc. P.O. Box 761 Fulton, TX 78358