Whooping Crane Game-Camera Processing

The International Crane Foundation Texas Program needs volunteers to help process game-camera photos for their study of whooping crane use of freshwater wetlands. Volunteers will mark the presence of cranes and other animals in photos. This year the study includes 11 cameras with 6,000-7,000 photos on each camera. Cameras are located at wetlands that are used by whooping cranes and wetlands that likely aren’t.

Training in background of the project, data being collected, and processing of photos will be available before volunteers begin, and will include detailed instructions for marking data sheets.

Volunteer sign-up form

Contact: Paityn Bower, Outreach Biologist at ICF-Texas

Report training as AT: Specific Project
Report volunteer work as FR: Bird Populations with ICF in the description.


Mid-Coast Chapter, Texas Master Naturalist, Inc. P.O. Box 761 Fulton, TX 78358