Aransas First Properties

Aransas First is a 501(c)(3) corporation acting as a Land Trust. Its purpose is to identify, acquire, and protect sensitive Coastal Bend habitat essential to the nurture of birds, wildlife, and people as well as to increase public awareness of ecosystems unique to the Live Oak Peninsula/Ingleside Barrier through education, access, and participation. Volunteers are needed to develop/clear/mow trails, remove invasive vegetation, and clean up as needed at Aransas First properties:

  • Aransas Woods and Wetlands—Texas Coastal Birding Trail #46
  • Cove Harbor Boardwalk and wetlands
  • Myrtle Street Wetland
  • Woods Beachfront and Dunes-Mustang Island
  • Lamar-Burton Wetlands: 105 acres N of Seaside Loop on HiWay35

Call Earl Matthew at 361-790-3074 for more information or to volunteer.

Report as NPA: Other Locations if the work is trail-related. Specify the property in the description.
Report as RM: Other Locations and specify the property in the description for all habitat improvement work