Advanced Training – Habitat

This page will list training related to our local environment, habitat resource management or public outreach, and training that includes ecosystems—both plants and animals.

The Texas Stream Team monitors water quality on lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands, bays, bayous, and estuaries in Texas.
Learn how to participate in monarch butterfly research/conservation in the Milkweeds & Monarchs Project.
Native Plant Society of Texas Fall symposium October 6-10 seminars
Texas Water Specialists provide beneficial management of aquatic habitats.
Academy of Lifelong Learning: MCTMN lecture series Sep-Nov 2021
HummerBird Celebration advanced training
TMN-mission-related brown-bag and special-event sessions are offered by Master Gardeners and AgriLife Extension.
Nurdle–plastic pellet that is raw material for manufacturing plastic. Take training, patrol beaches, & submit data online.