Calhoun County AgriLife Volunteer Service

Opportunities sponsored by R.J. Shelley, Calhoun County Extension Agent–Coastal & Marine Resources—If you have any questions about any of these projects, or would like to volunteer, please email RJ or call (361) 552-9747.

  1. Dr. Gopal Bera, Associate Research Scientist, Texas A & M University, needs Citizen Science Volunteers to collect sand samples from Texas Beaches (both bay and gulf). This is part of a 2-year project that will be looking at petroleum levels in sand on Texas Beaches. A PowerPoint training is available for volunteers that want to collect samples for this project. If you have a number of TMN that are interested in this, Gopal said he would come down to do a training for them. I have the items necessary for sampling, and I can ship the samples back to Gopal using a prepaid FedEx label that I can get from him.
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  2. We need volunteers to work with us and the Calhoun County ISD (CCISD) Wetlands Specialist on the following dates at the Formosa Tejano Wetlands in LaWard, TX. We will be doing wetland-oriented education for CCISD 5th and 7th grade students. March 7, 8, 9, 22, 23, 24, 25. (All days will be approximately 8:00 am to 2:45 pm except for March 9 and 25, which will be 10:00 am-2:30 pm)
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  3. The UTMSI Nurdle Patrol could use some volunteers to collect nurdle samples. This could probably be done by the same crew that is collecting sand samples for Gopal, since they are already at a sampling site. I talked to Jace Tunnel with UTMSI. If you need a nurdle sampling kit I can have him send it to me and I will get the supplies to the person or persons who want to do the sampling, or Jace can send it directly to a TMN Coordinator.
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  4. At the Calhoun County Extension Office, we have a garden with raised beds. We have approximately $5,000.00 in grant money to make a native plant educational garden. If you have some volunteers that would like to run this, project we can purchase the plants that they want and provide some assistance with digital graphics for signage using information provided by your volunteers. We would like to have 2 or 3 of the raised beds (a small area within the garden) as vegetables, herbs, edible plants) to show the importance of pollination when we have school children out there. We also have a fair amount of gardening equipment on site so I don’t think your volunteers would need to bring anything with them when they come.
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  5. I was tasked yesterday with updating a Texas Sea Grant Publication that is part of the Clean Marina Program. It is used by TCEQ and it lists marinas throughout the State that have sanitary water pump-out stations. It also has tips for boaters so they will not pollute Texas Waterways. I am going to have to verify that all of the marinas on the list still have functioning pump-out stations in addition to identifying marinas that have added pump-out stations since the original publication was made in 2011. This is not glamorous, but it could be done from the comfort of someone’s couch. If I had assistance from a TMN volunteer on this project I could get Texas Sea Grant to include your logo on the publication.
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Watch this space for more opportunities as they are developed.