Milkweeds & Monarchs Project

Milkweed Seed Collection and Monarch Waystations

When: beginning now
Where: in our 8-county area

The goal of the project is to create Monarch butterfly habitat in the 8-county Mid-Coast chapter region in response to increasing concerns about the Monarch butterfly. This project will be carried out under the auspices of the national Monarch Watch “Monarch Waystation” program. Expected benefits are to increase Monarch butterfly populations, build public awareness of Monarchs and native habitat, and provide opportunities for scientific research monitoring of Monarch larval and adult populations. Mid-Coast chapter members are requested to:

  1. Collect seeds of native milkweeds that will be used to create or expand Monarch habitat in our 8-county Mid-Coast region through the “Monarch Waystation” program. This step is necessary due to limited availability of native milkweeds.
  2. Participate in a companion effort to identify potential Monarch Waystation sites in our 8-county region with a goal of at least one waystation in each of the 8 counties, with particular emphasis on publicly accessible sites, including schools.

Future activities may include milkweed and Monarch monitoring under the Monarch Watch: TPWD Nature Trackers program.

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