Mid-Coast Birding Surveys

Because State TMN has instituted strict guidance for earning volunteer service hours entering data into eBird, Mid-Coast TMN has created a new project subcategory for the FR: Bird Populations service opportunity—Mid-Coast Birding Survey (MCBS)—to ensure our members’ eBird surveys in other locations than major partners are scientifically valuable and meet State criteria for birding and reporting.

Please report all birding surveys as FR: Bird Populations. If surveys were for ANWR, GCBO, ICF, or WWF, include those initials in the description field of your hours report. If you were surveying elsewhere and reporting data to eBird, please follow protocols and include “MCBS” and “eBird” in the description when you report your TMN hours.

MCBS Project Protocols
Also see State TMN Program Guidance for Citizen Science Volunteer Service Hours.

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