Training Criteria

Training Criteria

The purpose of advanced training is to provide Texas Master Naturalists an opportunity to focus their interests on one – or a few – specific topics that interest them. Advanced training promotes continued learning and development and provides the experienced Master Naturalist with tools to work in more advanced volunteer efforts.

To be approved as advanced training, an activity must meet one or more of the following criteria:

1. Provides natural resource information applicable to Mid-Coast Texas
2. Builds on the Mid-Coast Chapter core curriculum
3. Promotes continued learning and development of naturalist skills
4. Teaches knowledge and skills required to work in an approved volunteer effort
5. Provides information required for the development of new volunteer efforts

If an opportunity for advanced training has not already been approved, a Chapter member can complete the Request for Training Approval form to provide detailed information about the proposed training to the Education & Training Committee and request approval. Travel time to and from the training does not contribute to the learning experience and may not be counted as part of the training hours earned.

If you have questions about these Criteria, contact the contact the Advanced Training Director.

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