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Field Research: Birds

Whooping Crane Pond Monitoring
Whooping Crane (WHCR) Monitoring using game cameras began Feb 1, 2019 and may continue for several winters. Game cameras will
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TERN Rookery & Foraging Monitoring
The Texas Estuarine Research Network (TERN) seeks to engage the public through citizen science monitoring of  colonial waterbird rookeries and
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Waterbird Monitoring & Management
The Integrated Waterbird Monitoring and Management (IWMM) protocol is a national USFWS effort to monitor waterbirds and provide decision support
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Gulf-Beach-Nesting Bird Conservation
Gulf Coast Bird Observatory (GCBO) and American Bird Conservancy are expanding our beach-nesting bird conservation to include nesting Wilson’s and
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Dow-Seadrift Bird Census
Amanda Urbano is ready to kick off these bird counts. If you’re interested in helping conduct bird counts at the
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Buff-Breasted Sandpiper Surveys
Watch this space for information about 2019 dates. Contact Bob Friedrichs for more information or to get on the list as a
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ANWR Birding Surveys
Volunteers are needed to perform monthly bird surveys at the Refuge August–May. We meet at 7:30 am at the HQ
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American Oystercatcher Monitoring
Monitor wherever there are nesting oystercatchers February–July. The Gulf Coast Bird Observatory (GCBO) will provide data sheets & training, data
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